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Recently, you may have noticed in the news media stories pertaining to “Pocket Listings.” Sometimes referred to as Confidential Listings, these listing are growing in popularity, especially in regard to homes positioned in the upper end of the marketplace. For someone searching for a highly specialized property, or someone desiring to sell one, for several reasons this maybe a route to consider.

From the Seller’s perspective, because there are few buyers that may be able to financially afford their offering, finding a qualified buyer may take additional time. Professionals know that it rarely benefits a Seller to have their offering linger on the market. Additionally, utilizing a Realtor that is well versed in the business of luxury property, will not only have the ability to located qualified prospects, but will eliminate showings to those that are unable to perform. In many cases, qualified buyers for legacy properties pay cash.

From the Buyer’s perspective, the value proposition and time spent searching is of upmost importance. Working with someone that knows the market is mandatory.  If one desires an exceptional property, it is critical to work with a Realtor that specializes in exceptional properties. Traditionally, location is the hallmark of value, however many properties of distinction are in themselves a destination. Selecting the appropriate destination can make the difference between an investment and a lifestyle. In truth, legacy property buyers can live almost anywhere they choose; therefore happiness may be all about the choices. Realtors with Pocket Listings can offer more choices.

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NC-Plantation-home-for-sale-on-Hyco-Lakesold1As featured in Hyko Lake Magazine, By Renee G. Barker

Much like the gnarly vines that intertwine around a huge oak tree on the front lawn, Burleigh Plantation on Hyco Lake intertwines more than a couple of hundred years of family memories, tall tales and the birth of our nation. It’s a living history book, a window to the past, an absolute work of art in the form of a 120-acre property. Step back in time to 1776. There were no cars, no motorized boats, no running water, no electricity, and no Hyco Lake. The United States of America was a new and struggling nation. Slavery was legal. Some people were starting new lives with land grants. Part of what is now Burleigh Plantation was acquired by land grants in April of that historic year.

Mumford McGehee obtained one such land grant and purchased an additional 420 acres described as “a garden spot on the Hico River”.

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