Owen Gwyn, Chapel Hill’s Premier Real Estate consultant

Owen Gwyn, Founder and President of North Carolina Estates, has served the global real estate community since 1976. He has brokered transactions as diverse as the rich land from which they spring, and eager to serve you.

Owen is a Charter Member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation Real Estate Program as a Certified Historic Property Specialist. The National Trust is the leader of America’s historic preservation movement in the private sector and was chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1949. Owen’s love of architecture and of marketing exceptional property is, for this recognized leader, the frosting on the cake.

Owen believes that fine illustration, extensive research, and sophisticated presentation are essential to displaying distinctive property in its best light.  The key to his success is twofold: An extensive worldwide network of real estate connections among industry professionals, coupled with a strategic and comprehensive internet marketing campaign and attention to detail.

Art is indeed, a skill acquired by experience, and his broad based experience includes service as World President of The International Real Estate Federation. Founded in Paris in 1948, this prestigious real estate network boasts members from over sixty countries, and provides potential international contacts from within all real property sectors. Owen’s appreciation of the diverse cultures among our global partners explains his belief that experience is achieved in the global classroom. The multinational nature of financial markets and communication has shown us that our target markets are more identifiable by preferences than by nationality.

Possessing the ability to successfully articulate this extraordinary value proposition, a true “World Citizen,” he was awarded the International Property Consultant designation from the Federation, which provides an additional prequalified network of real estate professionals unparalleled in the industry. Additionally, his accreditation as a Certified International Property Specialist from the National Association of Realtors furthered his expertise, enabling him to provide a full spectrum of real estate consulting, assistance and support.

Owen Gwyn has, over the years, developed an abundant and varied portfolio of properties in the bountiful state of North Carolina. This myriad of offerings ranges from a spectacular ten thousand acre tract of land, to a secluded oceanfront hideaway, to an investment opportunity located adjacent to an international airport.

North Carolina is prospector’s delight, the only state with the four most precious gems: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Owen is a bit like this himself, a purveyor of precious jewels that are the most beautiful properties available today, masterworks admired not only for their enduring value and beauty, but also inhabited, in the verdant land that reaches from the mountains to the sea.

Whether your search is for the right buyer for your masterpiece, or to acquire an investment Legacy, you can rely on Owen Gwyn’s expertise, experience and confidential personal service to provide the hallmark of quality that is known as The North Carolina Standard of Excellence. See our listings here.

Contact Owen Gwyn today on his exclusive property portfolio and consulting services at owengwyn@me.com